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  Agnes Awai  
  I am writing this testimonial through my daughter, Frances Johnson. I was born and raised in Hawaii and moved to Washington State 8 years ago to be near my daughter. Leaving my home of fifty years was a big step for me. Due to a series of strokes I am unable to speak as I once did and my mobility is weaker.  
  We truly believe it was Divine intervention that led us to Love & Hope Adult Family Home, located in Edmonds, WA and operated and owned by Mikhail and Larisa Kitsak. From the very first visit I was greeted with much warmth and love, and I felt truly blessed to be so lucky that this wonderful caring home was chosen for me.  
  I have been here over a year now, and I thank God daily for giving me the nourishment of love and compassion that this loving home have bestowed on me. My body is weak, but my heart and soul are so full of love for my guardian angels Larisa and Mikhail.  
  Frances Johnson (Daughter of Agnes Awai)  
  With the continued care and love my mom has received from Love & Hope I too felt truly blessed to have Larisa and Mikhail in our lives. My family and I are constantly impressed with the dedication and professionalism they extend to all. These two exceptional individuals compliment each other, they understand the physical, social and spiritual needs of all in their care. They will be a part of our family forever!  
  Doug and Billie Klan  
  Our family was very happy to have found Love & Hope. This wonderful family home provided a clean, caring and safe place for our Mother to live. She spent the last year of her life with Mikhail and Larisa. She had a room of her own with a private bathroom. She ate great home cooked meals and could visit with the other residents.  
  We always felt welcomed when we visited and knew that Mikhail and Larisa treated our Mother like family. We will always appreciate their kindness and dedication to all of us.  
  Sally Wolf  
  My Mother fell and cracked her pelvis in January 2013. She had been living with my husband and I, and she could get around the house in her wheelchair. The nursing home where she was recovering, informed me that they would be discharging in about a week, but she could not return home. She was not able to transfer by herself anymore, and they said it was not safe for her without 24 hour in home care.  
  The social worker at the nursing home suggested I look at some adult family homes as a solution for Mom's care, which would be more affordable. I was nervous about finding a place that would offer good care and be warm and friendly for Mom. I feel very fortunate to have placed her at Love & Hope Adult Family Home in February 2013.  
  Larisa and Mikhail provide excellent care. The house is always spotless and the meals are prepared with fresh ingredients. They are concerned about keeping Mom happy and healthy, and we communicate daily about her needs. She loves to go outside in the sunny backyard and watch the birds drinking water from the fountain. I can go about my daily life without worrying about my Mom, because I know she has the best caregivers.  
  Joan H.  
  I was a resident at Love & Hope Adult Family Home. I would unconditionally recommend it to anyone looking for an adult family home. My experience there was excellent.  
  First of all the house is beautiful and comfortable, and kept immaculately clean. Owners Mikhail and Larisa Kitsak are both very honest and kind. Larisa is an excellent cook and meals are always good, very healthy, without being bland or overly spicy.  
  Both the front and back yards are very nice, although the back was my favorite because both the dining room and sunroom overlook it. There is a big fountain which attracts a lot of birds to drink and bathe. There is also a covered patio with a nice outdoor furniture and a BBQ which is usually used when the weather is warm enough for everyone to dine outside if they wish to.  
  Please check out Love & Hope whether you are looking for a place to make for yourself or a loved one.  
  Sylvia Shanks  
  My dad was fortunate and blessed to have lived the last five months of his life at Love and Hope Adult Family Home. Our family was so grateful for the quality of care and personal attention that he received. Not only was the physical care outstanding, but the loving and caring approach they used when dealing with my dad, and all of the other residents, was such a comfort and blessing to us.  
  Mikhail and Larisa are dedicated to their mission to provide a warm, clean, Christ centered home for the people in their care. The home cooked meals they prepared for the residents were nutritious but also delicious. I visited my dad at least five days out of the week, and every time I left, I felt good about him being there. I had peace and contentment knowing that my dad was being well taken care of. Mikhail and Larisa treated my dad with respect and dignity, making the remainder of his life comfortable and peaceful. We will always be so grateful to them and would highly recommend Love and Hope to anyone.  
  Kathy Murphy and Mary Jo Campana, R.N.  
  We feel so blessed to have found Love and Hope Adult Family Home. Their level of care far exceeded our expectations. It was our family's hope that our mother live the remainder of her life in a family environment where not only her extended needs would be met, but that she could also maintain her dignity. We have since lost our mom, but Mikhail and Larisa will always have a special place in our hearts for their pride of care, compassion, the love they gave to her, as well as their support given to us at that most difficult time.  
  Kathy Ackerman, R.N.  
  I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful care you gave my mom. She loved you so. She got excited about her food and she loved your meals! You were so kind and gentle with her. I know she could be difficult at times, but you always treated her with respect and she was very aware of that. She felt so secure and safe in your home. I miss her so much. But I know she is so happy with Jesus and my sister. Thanks again for your superb care.  
  Paul E. Nolan  
  One big challenge that we all will face at some time is how to take care of our parents. My mother was doing just fine in her assisted living apartment until she broke her hip. During her recovery she lived in two, what I would call institutional type facilities, where her care was adequate at best. Mom and I were fortunate after that to be referred to Love and Hope.  
  Our first impressions were the beautiful hardwood floors and the private bedrooms where each resident may bring their own familiar furnishings to make their room feel just like home. Love and Hope has approximately six residents who are made to feel at home because the employees there make it that way. That is the difference between Love and Hope and a large institutional facility. TV in the living room or in each resident's room, meals at a family sized table, and employees who look after each resident's health requirements without being asked gives family members great piece of mind to know that their loved one is being cared for properly.  
  Mom had a pleasant stay at Love and Hope, and if she was here now, she would highly recommend Love and Hope to anyone who is looking for a wonderful home including complete assisted care. In addition, I make that same recommendation as her son.  
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